A trip to the movies is a classic date night. Sure, the floor is sticky and the inflated costs of candy should be a crime, but it’s still a fun way to splurge and catch the latest Leo flick. But today, a new movie theater is opening in Chestnut Hill that takes the word splurge to a whole new level. Got some extra cash on hand this weekend? Then take a look inside the super luxurious experience that is, well, Showcase SuperLux.

Built into Newton’s swanky shopping spot The Street, SuperLux houses its own restaurant, Davio’s Cucina, which features a full bar, an open kitchen, and a 100-seat dining room. While Shake Shack may be around the corner, you’re no peasant. Go for Davio’s River Rock Burger, which comes topped with truffle cheese and daintily crisped onion strings.

But why sit in a restaurant when you can eat a fancy meal from the comfort of the movie theater? With the SuperLux experience, you can relax in a squishy, extra large lounge chair and get in-theater service directly from your seat. You just haven’t experienced a movie theater until an on-call waiter has delivered you pan-seared salmon halfway through the film. If you opt for the LuxLite experience, sure, you can order apps and small plates from the theater - but not mid-movie, only beforehand. Sorry, chump.

If you’re an old-fashioned movie snacker, SuperLuxers are in luck - freshly popped popcorn is complimentary for those ticket buyers.

But let’s get to the good stuff. Each SuperLux seat comes with an iPad equipped with the full cocktail menu, so you can get your buzz on before you even hit the bar post-movie. LuxLite ticket holders can drink up before the movie starts. For the SuperLux ticket, no one under 21 will be admitted to showings after 6 p.m.

Accidentally use the on-call cocktail button too liberally? The concierge desk in the lobby will call you a cab if you have one $10 cocktail too many.

As you can tell, a night at the Showcase is going to cost you. For movie tickets alone, SuperLux guests will pay $28, while LuxLite tickets cost $20. The now-extinct $1 movie theater from my hometown just rolled over in its grave.

So what do you think? Are you feeling luxurious enough to go all-out this Friday at the movies? Personally, if I want to enjoy a cocktail while viewing The Great Gatsby, I’ll sneak a to-go marg into my bag before leaving, and brave the squeaky seats of a regular old theater. But that’s just the broke college student in me talking.

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