Dream Screen

Hey, don't get us wrong. We're impressed.

But while hanging your wall-mounted jumbo flatscreen straight and buying a case of beer suits Game of Thrones just fine, Man of Steel requires bigger, better, and yes, even boozier.

Enter Showcase SuperLux, the plush new cinema complex in Chestnut Hill, arriving Tuesday June 11. Warning: its amenities go way beyond air conditioning.

Check out a summer blockbuster in one of Showcase's six auditoriums, each featuring wall-to-wall screens equipped with Sony 4K digital projection that will make your big screen at home look about the size of a postage stamp. Subtract your upstairs neighbors, add Dolby 7.1 digital surround sound and hear what you've been missing. 

All seats are reserved
at time of ticket purchase, meaning you can stroll in midway through the previews and find an extra-wide, fully reclinable leather chair waiting with your name on it. We recommend flying first class with the "SuperLux" level, featuring a call button for in-seat waiter service, in case your Old Fashioned needs some freshening up during the car chase. 

The days of sneaking in a bag of store-bought candy are over, and how. Try this instead: use the iPad equipped at every seat to browse through the food and drink menu, order yourself a steak and a bottle of wine, then wait until it's delivered to your seat just in time for the villain's big speech. Then again, with a comfortable lounge serving food and cocktails, plus a full-service Italian steakhouse, Davio's, both on the premises, the hard part isn't leaving home — it may be getting back.

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