Dinner & a Movie Goes Gourmet

The food is super fresh. The seating is super plush. And the service is just plain super.

At Showcase SuperLux in Chestnut Hill, they take the concept of "dinner and a movie" to a whole new luxurious level.

"You are able to have the dinner and a movie experience all in one.  You're not trying to coordinate your dinner reservation with your movie start time. You're able to have a relaxing experience.  You know come in, browse your iPad menu, make your order. Enjoy your meal.  Watch your movie in comfort.  Just everything designed to take the movie going experience to the next level." 

From the moment you step through the door and ride the escalator up to the SuperLux Lounge, you'll know this is not your average cineplex.

"The lobby space is really beautiful and definitely eye catching and really sets the tone of the whole theatre.  You know we see people sitting before and after the film just to kind of hang out, get a drink. 

We really wanted people to feel that they were having the SuperLux experience from the moment they entered the building and carry that through the lobby and into the theatre as well."

Once you finally make your way into the theater, there's comfortable seating, state of the art iPad menus and a button to summon servers for your every need.  

"The buttons in the center are for you to press to have your server come and basically attend to any need you have whether it’s ordering food, or getting another round of drinks.  Clearing away your plates when you’re done.   Basically getting you anything you need...."

You'll need popcorn of course. And here it's hot, unlimited and free with your ticket.  But if you want to purchase something more sophisticated like tuna sashimi, the kitchen's got you covered.  They take the dining aspect of the experience seriously, so everything is made to fresh order.

"So we're preparing everything fresh from scratch in the kitchen. So it's definitely fresh food fired right before you're having it brought to your seat.  From steaks to desserts to appetizer, salads.  Everything is being prepared fresh even though we're in a movie theatre where you might not expect it. We want to make sure that both the movie going experience and the dining and drinking experience is at the highest level."

There are charcuterie boards with carefully selected meats and cheeses, crispy fried calamari, and addictive steak and cheese spring rolls.

"Basically it’s like a steak and cheese sub wrapped in a spring roll.   They are definitely delicious.  People really love the spring rolls for sure.  They have a nice rich flavor to them with the with the ketchup and mustard drizzle. It's a great appetizer."

Entrees are equally impressive, like lobster sautéed with asparagus and pasta, and tender steak sliced by the kitchen for easy eating.  

"While it might not sound like something that would be easy to eat in a movie theatre, we actually pre-slice it which makes it much easier to eat while you're watching the film."  

For something more casual, there are flatbreads cooked until crispy, a generous New England lobster roll, and flavorful Thai style chicken bites.  But nothing beats a burger, and at the SuperLux they serve it on brioche with Vermont Sharp Cheddar alongside hand cut fries- for the ultimate movie going experience. 

"Burger, fries and a movie.  What more could you want?

Once your entree is done, and you've enjoyed a cocktail or two, you have to try some of the SuperLux desserts- like macaroons drizzled with caramel and hot chocolate chip cookies served with a tall glass milk.   

"People love the chocolate chip cookies and milk for sure.  Adults and kids alike.  Everyone loves them.  They're delicious and it’s just a great way to end the movie. 

And whether your flick is good or bad, you'll never going to want to go back to a regular movie theater again.  

"We have tried to make the experience as comfortable and luxurious for our customers as we possibly can.  From the moment they walk in until the moment they leave they feel like they've had a really special and unique experience in this theatre.   The feedback that we get many times is that people feel like they can't go back to seeing a movie the normal way again that once they've had this experience its really kind of taken it to the next level for them and they want to have it all the time going forward.   From the food to the comfort of the chairs to the service that they're receiving at their seat that everything is exceeding their expectations.  And that they feel that they've been treated to something special during their visit. And that it is more than just going to the movies."

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